Herdy Inspires Young Farmers To Be Heard

Farmers feed all of us, so the future for responsible and sustainable farming in this country should also be in their hands.

Young farmers are often talked about, but not with. They should be inspired to share their thoughts, ideas, and dreams.

Herdy is helping to gather and share those ideas in order to create a campaign that engages with everyone; and helps all of us understand and appreciate their world and it’s future.

Spence (Spencer Hannah, Co-Founder and Co-Creator of Herdy) met with the Crook Young Farmers on Tuesday 25th September. This was the first of hopefully many Young Farmers groups who will join the flock, grow the movement, and get Young Farmers heard.

The top idea from this gathering was:

Education, Understanding and Awareness. Make Agriculture and Farming a lesson in our schools national education program.

If you’re a Young Farmer or an interested Young Person and would like to join the campaign, Herdy would love to hear from you and your ideas.

Chat with us in the comments below, or join the discussion on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You can also email us.

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