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The Border Collie is one of the most talented and hardworking dogs out there. They will impress you with their intelligence and win you over with their cuteness and charm. Discover why a Collie isn’t just a pet; it's an adventure waiting to happen!

Border Collie Origins

Would you baa-lieve that the Border Collie wasn't officially recognised as a breed until 1995? It took the world a while to acknowledge these cute and brainy canines. The Collie breed originated in Scotland, on the border with England in the 1800’s, hence the prefix ‘Border’ to their name. The word ‘Collie’ comes from the Celtic word meaning ‘useful’ which is a fitting description for this able and hardworking companion.

Collie dogs can trace their roots back to Roman and Viking times and are famed for their intelligence and agility – true doggy MENSA members! So, the next time you see a Border Collie breezing through an agility course or herding Herdwicks with finesse, tip your hat to their rich heritage. These Collies have made quite a journey and have left their paw prints in history!


 Fun Fact: All modern Collies can be traced back to one ancestor, Old Hemp, who was born in 1893. He was singled out for his herding skills. He didn't rely on barking, instead, used his body language to do the job. He’s believed to have fathered around 250 pups!

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Champion Herders

When it comes to herding sheep, Border Collies aren’t just good, they’re baa-rilliant. These clever pooches use their eyes to control the flock. Back in 1873, at the sheepdog trial in Wales, spectators were astounded to see Border Collies, effortlessly herding sheep into pens, with only simple hand signals and whistles from their handlers. 

Now, let's talk Herdwicks. When it comes to these woolly adventurers, Collies are like the sheriffs of the hills. They navigate the rough terrain with ease, herding the independent-minded Herdwicks with a finesse that's nothing short of spectacular. What sets them apart isn’t just their strength or stamina, it's their intelligence and trainability. 

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A Collie’s built in herding nature keeps them active, alert, and always thinking ten steps ahead. So, if you've got a flock of Herdwicks in need of a master shepherd, look no further than a Border Collie.


 Fun Fact: Border Collies are known for their intense stare, allowing them to control a flock of sheep with a simple glance. 

Super Smart

 The brainy Border Collie is considered the Einstein of the canine world and for good reason! They are literally the cream of the intellectual crop when it comes to dogs.

Border Collies eagerly soak up new tricks and commands with ease. They crave mental challenges and need loads of exercise, meaning a life herding sheep on the fells, is the perfect job for them. 


 Fun Fact: A Border Collie named ‘Chaser’ is officially the world’s smartest dog, he knows the names of over 1000 individual objects. Who’s a clever boy?

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Border Collies make great search and rescue dogs

 When it comes to search and rescue, the Border Collie is more than just a fetching buddy, they’re top-notch heroes! Their intelligence and boundless energy makes them the natural choice for search and rescue missions. They’re super quick learners and soak up training like a sponge, no wonder they’re the preferred dogs for mountain rescue operations.

Border Collies are trained as air-scenting dogs, catching the faintest whiff of a human scent in the air. With laser-like focus, they zigzag across the fellside, to pick up the scent. And when they find them? A bark from these furry heroes is a signal to the handler, that they’ve found the missing person. 


These four-legged marvels undergo rigorous training, up to two years to fine-tune their skills. Handlers and volunteers play hide and seek on the hills, providing invaluable practice for these canine heroes.


 Fun Fact: A Border Collie named Striker, set the world record for the fastest rolling-down of a manual car window by a dog in under 12 seconds.

Perfect Pets

Looking for the ultimate partner-in-crime for endless adventures and unwavering loyalty? Look no further than the Border Collie. These Einsteins of the dog world, combine wit, playfulness, and devotion all in one furry package. Border Collies thrive on interaction and mental stimulation. Their energy is infectious, making them ideal companions for families eager to match their zest for life. 

Beware though, without proper engagement, they might just start chewing the furniture or creating their own entertainment!

 In essence, if you're up for the challenge and seek an endlessly enthusiastic, brainy sidekick, the Border Collie is your perfect match!


 Fun Fact: In the early 1860s, Queen Victoria, known as a devoted dog enthusiast, developed a love specifically for Border Collies, and who can blame her! 

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