If baking’s not your thing—like for our Herdy Gingerbread Biscuits—we've made a fab-ewe-lous felt and wool Herdy Christmas Stocking. Something to stuff full of Herdy goodies this Christmas.

So, roll up your sleeves and let's get sewing!

What you need to make a Herdy Christmas stocking

  • Ecru Wool Yarn
  • pom pom makers
  • scissors
  • pins
  • sewing needles
  • red, white, black, and coloured sewing threads
  • embroidery needle
  • red embroidery thread
  • coloured fabric felt
  • ribbon to hang the stocking

How to make a Herdy Christmas stocking

1. Take the Ecru Wool yarn and make five very small pom poms. Approximately 2.5cm in diameter.

2. Print off the cutting template for the stocking shape. It will require three A4 prints. Lay out as illustrated to form the correct shape.

3. Choose the coloured felt fabric. We chose a blue—in keeping with our Xmas themed goodies—and cut out two stocking shapes.

4. Print off the reindeer Herdy cutting template and cut out the individual details.

5. Pin the face details onto the coloured felt as shown and cut each one out. Then pin onto the stocking shape and sew on with matching coloured thread.

6. Using the snowball cutting template, cut out 12 snowballs in white felt. Pin the snowballs onto the stocking shape and sew on with a needle and white thread.

7. Using the rectangular shaped piece of the stocking template, fold into 3 and use this shape to pin onto red felt and cut out the stocking “cuff” or topper.

8. Place on top of the stocking shape and fold over as illustrated. Pin to hold them sew in place. Repeat this stage with the other side of the stocking.

9. Start in the middle of your stocking top, and sew on the first pom pom using a needle and white thread. Repeat this process as shown to form a decorative line on the top of your stocking.

10. Take a length of red ribbon and sew to the top of your stocking with a needle and red thread.

11. Place the two stocking shapes together as shown, and pin in place.

12. Using red embroidery thread, sew along the outer edge of your stocking to complete (we've used a blanket stitch here).

Hang up and fill with wonderful Herdy goodies!

Let us know how ewe get on with your Herdy Christmas stocking, by getting in touch with us via our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest)!