Christmas is so close! Can ewe hear the sleigh bells jingle? Time to start thinking about getting those presents wrapped up for Santa to deliver. Rather than buy in some more Christmas wrapping paper, let’s create some custom Christmas wrapping paper to make those Christmas presents extra special!

Here’s how to make your own “ewenique” Christmas Herdy wrapping paper design to wrap your lovely Herdy gifts. This makes good use of our Herdy biscuit stamper, some glue, and lots of glitter.

What you will need to make Herdy Christmas wrapping paper

  • Rolls of plain coloured paper (we chose three of our herdy colours: pink, green, and blue, but there is also orange and purple).
  • Coloured Glitter pots
  • PVA glue
  • Paint brush
  • A small plate
  • Herdy biscuit stamper
  • Scissors
  • Coloured ribbon

How to make Herdy Christmas wrapping paper

1. Put a small amount of PVA glue onto a small plate and thin down with a little water, mixing thoroughly with a brush to create a smooth, thinner blend of glue as an even layer on the plate.

2. Dab the biscuit stamper onto the plate surface to cover the Herdy face detail in glue (you may want to practice this a few time on a scrap piece of paper as it can produce a patchy coverage of glue if an uneven amount of pressure is applied).

3. Create a number of Herdy ‘glue prints’ onto the coloured paper to create a repeat pattern.

4. Use your glitter pot to sprinkle glitter onto the glue prints.

5. Shake off any excess glitter onto a spare piece of paper and pour back into your glitter pot (if you create a slight fold in the paper it makes it easier to direct the glitter back into the pot).

6. Allow the glue to dry and then… you can begin wrapping up your presents! We also made gift tags using a single glue print on a smaller piece of coloured paper, cut out to form a round gift tag. But you can cut out any shape you want.

8. We then finished off our Christmas wrapping with contrasting coloured ribbons.

And there you have it! Sparkly ‘ewenique’ Herdy Christmas wrapping paper.

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