This week is National Gardening Week! You might already know about our unbelievably cute Herdy Planters, but don’t you think Herdy must get tired standing on his feet all the time? Well fear not! We’ve made a lovely 1970s-inspired hanging planter using wool, so your Herdy Planter can hang gracefully in the air and rest those hard-working legs.

What you need to make a hanging Herdy Planter

  • Herdy planter
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Steel macrame rings.

Products used in this how-to

Get a Herdy Planter!

How to make a hanger for your Herdy Planter

1. Take your yarn and measure eight 2-metre/200cm lengths.

2. Take your eight lengths of yarn and thread through the steel macrame ring as shown. Fold the 2m lengths in half so they form a 1m drop.

3. Tie a knot to secure the yarn to the steel ring as shown.

4. Split the sixteen strings of yarn into eight, with two strings of yarn in each length as shown.

5. Measure 15cm from the top knot and tie a knot on each of the eight lengths as shown.

6. Now, measure a further 15cm from those knots and tie a knot in the three inner-lengths as shown, leaving the two outer-lengths untied.

7. Now take the two outer lengths as shown and tie a knot to connect. This should give you eight knots near the macrame ring and four knots further down.

8. Repeat this process again, measuring another 15cm length and tying the lengths as pictured. This is the way in which the hanging “net” is formed.

9. Now, lay out the lengths and measure 20cm from the bottom-most knots. Tie one big knot and trim any excess uneven ends as shown.

10. The next bit’s fiddly; stand your planter within the net so his legs are supported and he can be suspended as shown. The big single bottom knot needs to be directly under the Herdy Planter.

11. And there you have it: a 70’s inspired macrame hanging Herdy Planter!

We would love to see how ewe get on with your Herdy Planter hangers! Share your photos and experiences with us on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or email us.