Get crafty with herdy this Valentine’s Day and create this fun, lovable card. Guaranteed to make someone smile!

Print out a copy of the free cutting template (click here to download) and follow the step-by-step instructions.

You will need:

* 1x A6-sized red card
* Grey card
* Pencil
* Scissors
* Double-sided tape or glue

1. Cut around the outer line of the card background

2. Fold in half along the central line

3. Take your red A6 card and fold in half

4. Place the card background template over the red folded card

5. With scissors, cut the slots to create the two pop-up supports

6. Fold the two pop-up supports over as shown

7. With scissors, cut around the outer line of the two mountain shapes

8. Draw around the mountain shapes with a pencil onto the grey card

9. Cut out the shapes drawn onto the grey card

10. Using double-sided tape (or glue, but this can ooze!), attach the first mountain to the card background

11. Place a small piece of double-sided tape on the first pop-up support

12. Stick the second mountain onto the pop-up support

13. With scissors, cut around the Valentine’s Yan Herdy

14. Place a small piece of double-sided tape on the second pop-up support

15. Stick the Valentine’s Yan Herdy onto the support

16. Your pop-up Valentine’s Love Ewe card is complete!

17. Finish with a personalised love ewe message, and don’t forget to share…