75 Years of National Parks

To celebrate 75 years of National Parks across the UK, we’ve teamed up with the lovely folk at Campaign for National Parks.

herdy in the Lake District National Park, celebrating 75 years of National Parks

Joe and Flo are off on a big adventure to explore every National Park in England and Wales.

Each park is ewe-nique with its own history and culture which means there’s something for everyone. So, sandwiches packed, hiking boots on and map at the ready, Joe, Flo and Sheppy are ready to go!

  1. The Lake District National Park

The first stop on their tour is on their front doorstep in the Lake District National Park. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to England’s largest lake, highest peak, and of course, the native Herdwick Sheep. 


Fun Facts

  • The Lake District is the largest national park in England, with over 200 fell tops, 26 miles of coastline and 28,500 hectares of woodland.
  • England's highest mountain, Scafell Pike, sits in the heart of the Lake District, measuring an imposing 3210 feet.
  • Wastwater is England's deepest lake, with a depth of 260 feet.
  • Windermere is England's longest lake, measuring 18.08 km.


Threats facing the Lake District

Water pollution and climate change

herdy in the Lake District National Park, celebrating 75 years of National Parks

2. Northumberland National Park

herdy in the Northumberland National Park, celebrating 75 years of National Parks

From one of the busiest Parks to the quietest, Joe and Flo head north to Northumberland where they see the sky filled with millions of stars and follow along the iconic ruins of Hadrian’s Wall. 


Fun Facts

  • Northumberland National Park is one of the least visited but still captivating National Parks in England and Wales.
  • It offers pristine views of millions of stars as far away as Andromeda (2.5 million light years from Earth). It forms part of the first International Dark Sky Park to be designated in England.
  • The park is also home to iconic Roman ruins such as Hadrian’s Wall


Threats facing Northumberland

Increasing pressures from farming, climate change, industry and overdevelopment

3. North Yorkshire Moors

Next, it’s over to the North York Moors where Joe and Flo can roam free in the 44,000 hectares of moorland. Whilst keeping their eyes peeled for rare and endangered bird species such as the golden plover and the merlin.


Fun Facts

  • The park contains one of the largest expanses of heather moorland in England and Wales at 44,000 hectares.
  • The Park provides a haven for many threatened bird species.
  • North York Moors has a rich cultural heritage, being an important region for mining and transport during the Industrial Revolution and remaining an important farming landscape today. You’ll be sure to cross paths with a Swaledale or two on your travels around the Moors.

Threats facing the North Yorkshire Moors

Increasing pressures from farming, fire, visitor pressure and forestry

herdy in the North York Moors National Park, celebrating 75 years of National Parks

3. Yorkshire Dales

Home to the famous Three Peaks and iconic views such as Malham Cove, Joe and Flo will be spoilt for choice for things to do in the Yorkshire Dales. The park is also a Dark Sky reserve and home to some of the darkest night skies in the country. Where it’s possible to see the Milky Way and even the Northern Lights.  


Fun Facts

  • From rolling hills to striking waterfalls and unique limestone formations, the Yorkshire Dales are a special landscape shaped by human and natural activities.
  • It includes some of the finest limestone scenery in the UK, from crags and pavements to an underground labyrinth of caves. Each valley or ‘dale’ has its own distinct character, set against expansive heather moorland tops.
  • Stone-built villages sit amongst traditional farming landscapes of field barns, drystone walls and flower-rich hay meadows, and show how the area has been shaped over thousands of years by the people who have lived and worked here.

Threats facing the Yorkshire Dales

Increasing pressures from farming and climate change

Where will Joe and Flo be next week...

Over the next few weeks Joe and Flo will continue their adventures around all the national parks. Seeing amazing things and creating some great memories. But they know that despite their protected status, National Parks are under a lot of pressure from a variety of threats. From pollution and habitat destruction to over-development and lack of resources. There’s lots to be done to make sure that National Parks can thrive into the future and everyone can have the same access to experience that Joe and Flo have had.

That’s where the Campaign for National Parks comes in. While it might be time for Joe and Flo to put their hooves up, Campaign for National Parks is fighting for the future of National Parks in England and Wales. Their independence from the Government means they can speak out for Protected Landscapes when no one else can. Founded in 1936, they bring together a campaigning collective of organisations and individuals from all walks of life, united in a common cause. Their first campaigns resulted in the creation of our National Parks.

They want a world where nature and people are thriving in our National Parks. Where wildlife is wild and natural beauty is protected for generations to come and where everyone, no matter their age or background, can access, feel inspired by and fight to protect the future of these truly amazing landscapes.

With National Parks at the heart of everything they do, they are here to unite, inspire and empower everyone to take action.

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