First event: what a load of rubbish!

Throughout 2020, The Herdy Company will be hosting free talks at their headquarters, 13–15 Stramongate, Kendal, and local businesses are invited to come along, meet, greet, join in, and network over an informal lunchtime gathering.

The first talk, presented by Mark Wilson of Cumbria Waste Recycling Ltd. and Andrew Vickers of South Lakeland District Council, will be about daily business waste, what actually happens to it after collection day, what we can all do to help reduce our environmental impact. The events are intended to be fun, informal, and an open forum, with all attending encouraged to interact and be part of the gathering.

Spencer Hannah, Co-founder and Director of The Herdy Company, said:

“We bag our waste, we put it outside, job done! But what actually happens to it after that? Where does it go? How does the recycling journey really end for our waste? It’s a complex and often confusing subject, and if we’re being honest most of us don’t know and probably don’t have time to find out. In the modern-day consumer world we are all increasingly conscious of the impact we have on our environment—from sourcing and manufacturing to packaging—and businesses are facing a stronger demand for more environmentally friendly solutions.”

Local businesses in and around Kendal are invited to attend this first free talk on Tuesday 28th January from 12:00pm at The Herdy Company’s headquarters on 13–15 Stramongate, Kendal, LA9 4BH. Free hot drinks and snacks will be provided.

If it’s possible to confirm your attendance, ideally by email before 20 Jan, that would be appreciated.

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