Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day!

For our random act of kindness, we’ve hidden 30 “Super Herdys” throughout Cumbria for ewe to find and take home. Join Herdy on a fun-filled adventure and play “Hunt The Herdy” with us!

If you find a Super Herdy then he is yours to keep! All we ask is that you perform a Random Act of Kindness yourself: buy a stranger a coffee, ring your Aunt who you haven’t spoken to for a while, or help someone with their shopping. However big or small let’s spread some smiles and happiness today!

And remember, even if you don’t find a Super Herdy you still have the super power to make someone smile.



There is one Super Herdy hidden at each location on the map; most will be free for you to find but if you happen to be at some of Cumbria’s best-loved attractions you may come across a few Super Herdys! If you find one let us know (then we won’t have to send out a search party tomorrow!)

There are some clues below to help you.

1. Herdy’s found a miniature Bridge House made by the mountain diggers. FOUND.

2. Herdy’s clambered up a tree near a boat landing for a better view of the lake FOUND.

3. Herdy’s checking out all the wonderful art with his Herdy friends FOUND.

4. Not such a Young Man struggling up the final steps FOUND.

5. Deep in the forest, Herdy enjoys a late night snack with his prickly friend. FOUND.

6. Herdy’s listening to the heavenly voices coming from this grand building. FOUND.

7. Herdy's found the Gateway to Paradise FOUND.

8. Enjoying the views, when its wet, why not take a pew. FOUND.

9. Herdy's stocking up on Mint Cake and biscuits near his friends. FOUND.

10. Herdy's a found place to sample some *hic* lovely local drink. FOUND.

11. Herdy loved the castle but the lure of local gin and beer is strong. FOUND.

12. Herdy's got his eye on all the tubs of delicious veg. FOUND.

13. Herdy a-pier-s to be scoping the view across the estuary. FOUND.

14. Herdy’s found a garden full of names and pretty flowers FOUND.

15. Herdy’s paying close attention to Detail from a high vantage point. FOUND.

16. Herdy’s paying his respects to the fallen FOUND.

17. People often jump from this bridge. What the devil! FOUND.

18. Herdy wants ewe to know that actually this place was the first castle here. FOUND.

19. Herdy’s found a fungal shelter with great views of the Lakeland fells. FOUND.

20. Herdy’s watching the time pass in between Windermere and Bowness. FOUND.

21. Herdy’s looking across the river to the home of the Wyndhams. FOUND.

22. Oh dear! Herdy’s got himself all tangled up. Can ewe figure out how to get him down? FOUND.

23. Herdy is hoping that the monks will pray for him FOUND.

24. Herdy’s been telling jokes but no-one’s laughing. FOUND.

25. Yew might find Herdy getting a better view of his alpaca buddies. FOUND.

26. Herdy and Miss Lakeland are touring the longest lake. FOUND.

27. Herdy's motoring through all the local produce. FOUND.

28. Herdy's motoring through all the local produce. FOUND.

29. Herdy’s hoping to sneak in to see the boats by hiding under a pole. FOUND.

30. Herdy's found a rather hospitable place with an incredible view. FOUND.


We also have a Giant Super Herdy stationed at our Keswick Herdy Shop from 10am! He’ll be there dishing out tea and biscuits, ready for selfies galore.

P.S.: Remember, Herdys are hardy and whilst all the hiding spots are findable some will involve a walk! So stay safe, apply common sense, and watchout for the Lake District weather!

Happy hunting!