The Lake District is bidding for World Heritage status and herdy® has partnered with the Lake District National Park to be the warm, welcoming and friendly face of the bid. 

The Lake District continues to be a rich source of inspiration, whether it’s to enjoy the great outdoors, express creativity or to start a new business, as we did when we created Herdy back in 2007. We are delighted to be working alongside the 25 organisations that make up the Lake District National Park and aim for Herdy’s trademark smile to help capture the hearts and minds of the UNESCO World Heritage panel when they visit later this year. The whole bidding process lasts for two years and we won’t know the final decision until 2017.

How does the Lake District qualify as a World Heritage Cultural Landscape?

There are three key themes that qualify the Lake District as a World Heritage Cultural Landscape:

Identity: the beauty of the Lake District we all know and love is the result of thousands of years of agricultural development of the spectacular natural landscape of the mountains, valleys, lakes and woodland. It is a cultural landscape of international significance.

Inspiration: the beauty of the Lake District inspired artists and writers of the Picturesque and Romantic movements and generated ideas about landscape that have global influence.

Conservation: The Lake District has been enjoyed and valued by visitors for 250 years. Concern to protect it was the inspiration for the birth of the conservation movement, including the National Trust and protected areas including the UK National Parks.

What are the benefits?

  • Our vital farming community will enjoy increased recognition of the cultural role of farming and its integral role with the landscape.
  • Our government has pledged to provide resources to protect its World Heritage Sites. Having this status could attract more funding and investment into the Lake District.
  • The profile of the Lake District will be elevated internationally which will help it develop into and international brand on the ‘A-list’ places to visit.

If you love the Lakes as much as we do please spread the word and back the bid! #lakedistrictbid

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Spencer - Co-Founder