Introducing Chops Herdy

In this, the centenary year of the Herdwick Sheep Breeders Association, and the 150th celebration of the birth of Beatrix Potter, it seemed only fitting to produce a limited edition herdy that celebrates every part of the Herdwick sheep.

Enter ‘Chops Herdy’, bringing to life those butcher diagrams we’ve all pondered over. Each stoneware piece is lovingly handmade, hand-decorated numbered limited edition of only 275.

Beatrix Potter, the champion of the Herdwick breed, was the first woman ever to have been invited to be Chair of the Herdwick Sheep Breeders Association. She was an expert Herdwick sheep breeder and a key figure in saving the Herdwick from extinction. Sadly she died before she could take up the role.

Fell-farming is one of the most sustainable agricultural systems in the UK today, balancing the needs of the wild habitat with that of farmed animals. We recognise that not everyone eats meat.  However, if you do eat meat and indeed lamb, truly the best product you can buy must be Lakeland Herdwick. It’s naturally reared, almost semi-wild living out on the fell, maturing slowly on the heather, bilberries and grasses of the Lake District.