Some things are extra special, and a friend to journey through life with has to be one of them.

Last year we introduced ‘my herdy’, the first of our limited edition, collectable soft toy series. The latest addition to the flock is the adorable ‘my herdy’ lamb. Made from the finest mohair fabric with wool felt details, each ‘my herdy’ lamb has been lovingly hand made by the skilled team at Merrythought, the last remaining teddy bear manufacturer in England.

This very special piece perfectly captures the charm and characteristics of real Herdwick lambs, which are born black with white tufts of hair on their head and ears. Herdwick farmers search for this characteristic in newborn lambs as an indication of the makings of a fine ewe or tup . At around one year of age the lambs’ fleece turns brown and gradually fades to a pale grey as they reach maturity.

We wanted to recreate the Herdwick lamb as part of our own, very special, limited edition series and we hope you’ll love him as much as we do. Of course it’s no secret we love Herdwicks. They inspired us to create herdy and we support all kinds of rural community initiatives, upland fell farming and the Herdwick sheep, through the herdy fund.

Your very own My Herdy lamb is ready to settle into his new home, but keep an eye on him, he can be quite mischievous!