Random Acts Of Kindness 2024

Herdy Donates Wall Murals To Children's Urgent Treatment Centre At Westmorland General Hospital

Herdy mural at the Westmorland General Hospital Urgent Treatment Centre

To celebrate this year’s Random acts of kindness, we have lovingly designed and sponsored the installation of two fun and colourful murals at the Urgent Treatment Centre at the Westmorland General Hospital in Kendal. In collaboration with the hospital, we created the designs specially for the children's waiting area and treatment room, aiming to provide a ewe-nique source of distraction and entertainment for young patients during their visit to the hospital.


When the Westmorland General approached us with the idea of designing the murals, we jumped at the opportunity. "Herdy’s motto is to make ewe smile, and if we can help children smile when they come into the hospital, nothing would make us happier," said Diane Hannah, Co-founder of Herdy. Recognising the anxiety often associated with hospital visits, especially for children, we’ve created a positive, fun and relaxed environment through the joyful designs.

The mural in the children’s waiting area depicts Herdy embarking on adventures throughout the picturesque landscapes of the Lake District. From fishing to paragliding and playing fetch with Sheppy the sheepdog, Herdy's escapades capture the essence of outdoor fun and exploration. The artwork also pays tribute to the real-life heroes of the Westmorland General, and features paramedics, doctors, nurses, and emergency responders. 


The children’s treatment room mural depicts a Herdy nurse greeting young patients with a comforting smile, while the view through an ‘open’ window reveals Herdy's ongoing adventures in the lakes.

Herdy mural at the Westmorland General Hospital Childrens Urgent Treatment Centre

The Herdy murals have been installed to coincide with Random Acts of Kindness Day on the 17th of February, an annual initiative encouraging people to focus on kindness and how they can spread RAKs within their community. This follows on from Herdy’s special edition NHS mug and tea towel, launched last year to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the NHS. So far, sales of these ewe-nique Herdy products have raised over £3500 for the NHS Bay Hospitals Charity.


We had great fun creating the design and collaborating with the hospital team, in particular Freyja Burrill, who works at the unit. Freyja had sketched some initial designs for our first meeting and had some great ideas around all the fun and games Herdy could be getting up to. On seeing the murals installed, Freyja said “They are so beautiful. Thanks to Herdy for the design and sponsoring all of this, it’s had such a lovely and positive impact on all of our staff and patients already, and given the department a facelift and morale boost too.”


The unveiling of Herdy's latest creations is part of the hospital's ongoing efforts to create a welcoming and uplifting environment for patients of all ages.

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