Random Acts of Kindness Day

You may have already figured it out, you may not… today is Random Acts of Kindness Day!

To celebrate, Herdy has hidden 32 surprises to spread smiles across Cumbria! Join Herdy on a fun filled adventure and play “Hunt the Herdy” with us. If you find a Herdy with this special tag on then he is yours to keep! All we ask is that you perform a Random Act of Kindness yourself: buy a stranger a coffee, ring your Aunt who you haven’t spoken to for a while, or help someone with their shopping. However big or small let’s spread some smiles and happiness today on this Random Acts of Kindness Day!

Reference this map and our clues to find the Herdys for Random Acts of Kindness Day

There is one Herdy hidden at each location on the map; most will be free for you to find but if you happen to be at some of Cumbria’s best loved attractions you may come across a few Herdys! If you find one let us know (then we won’t have to send out a search party tomorrow!) There are some clues below to help you.

  1. Herdy’s hiding is on a Parr with Catherine’s FOUND.
  2. Herdyo Herdyo wherefore art thou Herdyo FOUND.
  3. Oh we do like to bleat beside the seaside FOUND.
  4. Herdy, you’re causing confusion and delay FOUND.
  5. Herdy’s going back to the future FOUND.
  6. Herdy is enjoying the stunning view from the pepperpot FOUND.
  7. The road made famous by the Beatles. Let the band play. FOUND.
  8. Herdy spies with his little eye 55 stones FOUND.
  9. These Herdys aren’t Tom Fool-ing about FOUND.
  10. These Herdys aren’t Tom Fool-ing about FOUND.
  11. Herdy is by the shore where the bluebirds sing FOUND.
  12. Well Herdy is the toughest sheep in England after all ** FOUND.
  13. Herdy is getting in touch with his irate past FOUND.
  14. Herdy is hiding under Harris but you may know it by another name FOUND.
  15. Herdy and John are enjoying the Jaws of Borrowdale FOUND.
  16. Herdy is right in the middle of Keswick’s copper heritage – if you can’t find him, why not ask? FOUND.
  17. Herdy is a force of nature FOUND.
  18. In time honoured fashion of ye olde market of Penred FOUND.
  19. Herdy loves to make peace not war, but here he can learn all about military life over the years FOUND.
  20. Herdy is near the stone at which tribute is paid to those who gave freely of food and shelter when needed. FOUND.
  21. Herdy loves all 3,117ft of Britain’s favourite walk ** FOUND.
  22. Herdy is hiding near a fish for jail FOUND.
  23. Herdy wandered lonely as a cloud to take a pew FOUND
  24. Mine’s a 99 with a flake please FOUND.
  25. Herdy had "arrest" on his way up to see some art FOUND.
  26. Herdy is hiding down a badgers hole FOUND.
  27. Herdy! Don’t forget your bags! FOUND.
  28. Herdy is turning up the knots FOUND.
  29. Herdy is hiding in the bushes waiting for the band to start FOUND.
  30. He’s waited all day and then 3 come at once! FOUND.
  31. It’s child’s play guarding the fort FOUND.
  32. From the chippy to the cheese FOUND.

** PS: remember Herdys are hardy and whilst all the hiding spots are findable some will involve a walk! So stay safe, apply common sense and watch for Lakes weather!

Happy hunting!

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