6 Reasons Why Socks Are The Ultimate Gift

Everyone knows socks have a habit of vanishing into thin air, so even the best stocked wardrobe could always do with a new pair. You can guarantee plenty of smiles in the morning with Herdy’s new range of fun and colourful socks.

We might be a bit biased, but we think socks are a great gift and here are some reasons why:

1, Socks add a splash of colour to your wardrobe

Socks come in colours to suit every occasion. They can turn an ordinary outfit into a snazzy ensemble. As fashion trends come and go, socks remain timeless, so choose your favourite colour and you’re guaranteed never to go out of style.


2, Fun socks make ewe smile

Lots of people love wearing socks to express themselves without making too much of a bold statement. Team a fun pair of socks with a serious business suit and surprise your colleagues with a cheeky ankle flash. Herdy’s fun socks are guaranteed to raise a smile.  


3, There’s no such thing as too many socks

In cooler climates most of us wear socks every day, whether it’s wearing them for work, walking the dog, or curled up on the sofa watching telly. With so many uses a new pair never goes amiss. Socks may be a practical gift but that doesn’t mean they have to be dull. Fun and colourful socks are the perfect antidote to grey winter days.


4, Socks are a practical gift that's not just for Christmas

Lots of gifts given at Christmas are never used but you can’t go far wrong with a practical gift like a pair of socks. Herdy socks are made from a cotton and polyamide blend, which makes them durable, comfortable and long-lasting. We guarantee they will still be your favourite socks next Christmas.


5, Great gifts for both friends and family

Whilst many people would buy sensible socks for themselves, Christmas is a time to ramp up the frivolity. Treat family and friends to some fun and colourful socks and every time they wear them they’ll smile and think of you.


6, A gift that won’t break the bank

Socks are an affordable gift, especially if you have a long list of people to buy for this Christmas. 

They’re unbreakable and super easy to send in the post, especially if you have loved ones who live further away. 

So this Christmas if you want to warm someone’s sole (get it!) buy them some fun and lovable socks and make their tootsies smile. 

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