Father’s Day is just around the corner here in Britain and the Baby Herdys have decided to make some giant Smartie biscuits for dad, or "the tup of the house". What could possibly go wrong?

To (ever so slightly) misquote Jane Austen, it is a truth universally acknowledged that Herdys quite simply cannot resist a good biscuit. They are not particularly fussed as to the type of biscuit, although malted milk biscuits are usually the last ones left in the biscuit tin…

As mischievous as they are, Baby Herdys have very kind hearts and are always happy to share their biscuit stash (well nearly always, they tend to be very territorial over packets of chocolate Hob Nobs.)

Reet, ingredients gathered together, let’s make biscuits for Dad!


Begin by sifting 350g of plain flour into a large mixing bowl.

Followed by 1 teaspoon of baking powder.

And 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda.

In a separate bowl weigh out 250g of softened unsalted butter.

Then add 300g of caster sugar.

Beat the butter and sugar together until the mixture is pale and fluffy.

Add one beaten egg and one teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Mix together well and then gradually add the dry mix to the butter mix and stir well to form a stiff dough.

Using an ice cream scoop or a tablespoon divide the dough into 20 dollops, placing 4 dollops at a time on a large greased or lined baking sheet. The biscuits will spread while cooking so ensure there is plenty of room between each biscuit. You will need at least four baking trays, or alternatively for fewer biscuits you can halve the recipe (But please note that Herdys do not understand the concept of “fewer biscuits”…)

Now press several Smarties (or other small chocolates) into each biscuit, there is no need to flatten the biscuits as they will spread rapidly while cooking. LISH! STOP EATING ALL THE SMARTIES!

Bake the biscuits at 180°C (160°C for fan ovens) or Gas Mark 4, for 15 minutes until the biscuits start to turn golden. Do not overcook the biscuits as they should still be chewy once cooled and overcooking will make them too stiff. Allow the biscuits to rest on the baking sheet for a few minutes. Do not worry if the biscuits still seem soft, they will firm up a bit as they cool.

Carefully remove the biscuits using a flat knife or serving slice, and allow to finish cooling on a cooling rack.

There you go Dad, enjoy!

Starring Sophie, Lish, Sally, Jefferson, Loveridge, and Spencer as the Baby Herdys, and “My Herdy” Tup Alfred as “Dad”.

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Rebecca Greenwood Harding is a museum curator, very partial to gin, and a Herdy super fan who likes to help spread the magic of Herdy.

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