Herdy (No Bake) Shortbread Mince Pies

What could be nicer than treating yourself to some delicious Herdy Shortbread with a yummy festive twist? 

Herdy's Shortbread Mince Pie Sandwiches, with holly icing

These scrumptious mini shortbread treats are made with sweet mincemeat, sandwiched between two melt-in-the-mouth Herdy shortbreads, topped with a sprig of holly. Perfect for sharing around the fire with a glass of mulled wine this Christmas.

Ingredients - Makes 9

18 Herdy shortbreads

225g Mincemeat

Ready-to-roll red and green Icing


Rolling pin

Craft knife


  • Spoon 25g of mincemeat mixture onto each shortbread (Herdy side up). Gently press the mixture into an oval shape, mirroring the shape of the shortbread, be careful not to spill over the sides. Next, place the shortbreads into the fridge to keep the mincemeat mixture cool as you create your topping.
  • Take your red icing and roll it into 20 tiny balls, these will become the berries for your holly. To make the leaves, roll out the green icing to the thickness of a pound (we used approx 40g). Using a craft knife, carefully cut out 20 holly leaf shapes from the icing, each should be around 1.5cm in length. This can be a bit fiddly, so take your time.
  • Now you're ready to decorate. Take the remaining shortbreads and place two leaves and two holly balls to Herdy’s right shoulder, make sure you don't cover his cheeky smile!

TOP TIP: Use some of the sugary syrup from the mincemeat to act as glue to stick your icing decorations to the shortbread.

  • Finally, take the bottom half of your sandwiches out of the fridge and place the decorated shortbread on top. And enjoy!

SERVING SUGGESTION: Get cosy by the fire with a warm glass of mulled wine, pop your favourite festive film on the telly, take the weight off your feet and enjoy.

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