In these increasingly eco-conscious times we’re all learning about the environmental and sustainability benefits of wool, but how many of us really know how wool gets from sheep on a fell side finished products in our home? We set ourselves the challenge of telling the story with a new range of porcelain mugs, t-towel and tote bag called the Wool Journey.

Our specially commissioned lino-cut illustrations are by artist Owain Kirby and depict the stages that wool goes through:

first the gather, then the clip and into the wool sack

from sheep on the fell side being gathered and clipped,

off to be graded then sold at auction

the wool being graded and then sold at auction,

scouring, carding, blending, spinning and weaving

then scoured, carded, blended, spun

wear wool, knit wool, live wool

and finally knitted by hand, woven into cloth or home furnishings, or tailored into clothing.

The new chunky style porcelain mugs are available as a set of four, and along with the wool journey tea towel and wool journey tote bag are the first products in what we hope will be a growing Wool Journey range.