the latest grant from the herdyfund

Pulling together should not just be left for tough times… The Herdwick Sheep Breeders Association, a co-operative of fell farmers and guardians of the Herdwick, are as tough and hardy a breed as the sheep they farm. Their existence, skills and businesses are very much ‘behind the farm gate’, raising their flocks in a unique environment which creates a unique product. As a Lake District born and inspired home and gift brand, we at Herdy are showing our support with our latest herdyfund grant, which is for an event this autumn called Herdwick At Its Best.

The event is for chefs and those in the local hospitality industry, and aims to get more Herdwick meat onto menus in Cumbrian pubs, restaurants and hotels during its peak season, and see less sold as generic ‘lamb’. Herdwick hogget* and lamb is distinctive produce with a unique flavour. The animals are reared slowly on the Lake District fells, eating a natural diet of heather and grasses. The resulting meat is lean with a rich gamey flavour and contains beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids.

The Herdwick At Its Best event takes place on a farm in the heart of Borrowdale on 21 October and aims to improve links between farmers, catering suppliers and the hospitality industry. It will offer an insight into the farming methods that result in lean, succulent Herdwick meat, explain the effect that grazing has on the landscape of the Lake District and Cumbria, and improve understanding of its peak season according to the fell farming year.

We think it’s a great example of a very traditional industry working to promote itself to a modern audience. Our herdyfund is about supporting a sustainable rural economy, and by farmers sharing their expertise with others in this way, they can add value to other local businesses too.

We want people living in and visiting the area to have a chance to eat top quality, slow grown, free roaming local produce. And while it may not seem like a good idea to an individual Herdwick, we think it certainly benefits their future as a breed!

To show our support we’ve helped out with the design and promotion of the event too. If you work locally in the catering or hospitality industries and would like further details, please call us (01539 739202) and ask for Christina or email

And if you’re eating out in the Lake District – particularly in late winter / early Spring, ask if they serve Herdwick and consider giving it a try.


* While lamb meat tends to come from sheep under a year old, hogget comes from sheep which have passed their first winter, falling between ‘spring lamb’ and mutton.