Herdysleep at The Gilpin Hotel

Herdysleep is proud to be in partnership with the internationally renowned Gilpin Hotel and Spa. The hotel has introduced our award-winning mattresses into their luxury spa suites, assuring their guests a blissful and natural night’s sleep.

Gilpin Hotel Spa Suites

With an emphasis on relaxation and well-being, The Gilpin wanted to provide their guests with a 5-star sleep experience.

The partnership with Herdysleep felt like a natural choice. Made from sustainable, natural materials and filled with a sumptuous layer of locally sourced Herdwick wool, each Herdysleep mattress is lovingly handmade to provide a wonderful night's sleep. 

Herdysleep at Gilpin Hotel

With its three award-winning restaurants, one of which boasting a Michelin star, The Gilpin is on course to become the region’s number one foodie destination. Their vision is built on sustainable sourcing with low to no miles and supporting local producers. Values which are shared and upheld by us at Herdysleep.

The partnership began during lockdown when Barney Cunliffe, managing director of The Gilpin, met with Herdysleep co-founders Diane and Spencer Hannah. With both companies based in Lake District, they decided that this collaboration could help support and promote the uniqueness of the Lakes.

Speaking of the collaboration and how it began, Spencer commented “Barney and I started the conversation about putting Herdysleep mattresses into The Gilpin some time ago.”

“As well as championing local sourcing and natural materials, the idea of using our Herdwick wool mattress aligned perfectly with The Gilpin’s requirement to provide their guests with supreme comfort and relaxation. We’re delighted to have collaborated on this Spa Suite project with Gilpin.”

Herdysleep uses locally-sourced wool from the Lake District’s native Herdwick sheep. Each mattress contains at least one full fleece, depending on size. Herdwick wool is a fantastic temperature regulator, is chemical free and gives exceptional contoured support, resulting in a restful night’s sleep. Guests can sleep well knowing that the wool they are sleeping on also contributes to the local economy, via the Herdy fund.

The hotel is confident that the new mattresses will bring a ewe-nique and luxurious experience to their guests. As well as helping to promote the local Herdwick sheep. By using wool from the Herdwick, visitors can enjoy unrivalled comfort while supporting the local community and helping to preserve the area's unique landscape.

Herdysleep Herdwick Sheep Farmers Holding Wool

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