Herdysleep at The Mardale Inn

Herdysleep is proud to be in partnership with the community-owned, Mardale Inn. The country pub has introduced our award-winning Herdysleep mattresses into their newly refurbished bedrooms, assuring their guests a blissful and natural night’s sleep.

The Mardale Inn has served the village of Brampton for over 150 years, maintaining its authentic character as a traditional country pub. It has been a well-loved community hub over the years, with a reputation for its friendly, Cumbrian charm. 


In 2018, to the disappointment of locals, The Mardale Inn sadly closed its doors, leaving the village without a central hub. Concerned about the effects this would have on the community, the locals rallied together to form the ‘Bampton Valley Community Pub’. A group formed with the sole aim of buying back the pub, for the community, by the community.

After a successful fundraising campaign and raising an incredible £400,000 to save the pub, The Mardale Inn was purchased by over 500 members in May 2022. The group recruited hundreds of individuals from the valley and beyond to invest and become shareholders. These individuals were a mixture of locals, those who have a connection to the area, perhaps due to their love of the Wainwrights or Whithnail and I. Or perhaps a love and appreciation for the abundant wildlife on the pub's doorstep. Everyone was welcome to join and feel part of the restoration journey.

Having been closed for some time, the main aim for the new buyers was to undertake a full refurbishment of the pub. Which included the bar, kitchen and bedrooms. A key target of the long-term refurbishment was to make the building more environmentally friendly. To focus on sustainability, starting with improved insulation to reduce the energy load. This enterprise will utilise local products such as sheep's wool insulation and lime render. The initiative also opened the door to the induction of Herdysleep mattresses.

Herdysleep uses locally-sourced wool from the Lake District’s native Herdwick sheep, which roam the fells surrounding The Mardale. Each mattress contains at least one full fleece, depending on size. Herdwick wool is a fantastic temperature regulator, is chemical free and gives exceptional contoured support, resulting in a restful night’s sleep. Guests of The Mardale Inn can sleep well knowing that the wool they are sleeping on also contributes to the local economy, via the Herdy Fund. Herdysleep donates a portion of its profits to upland fell farmers to support the longevity of the local farming community.

The pub is now open for guests to spend the night in the newly refurbished rooms, designed with a traditional Cumbrian feel. As well as enjoying a good night’s sleep, guests can also enjoy a delicious meal in the pub’s restaurant, and explore the beautiful surrounding landscape.

There are many things to do in the area. For those who love a good ramble, Wainwright's far eastern fells are on the doorstep, as are some notable fells like Knipe Scar. The original Mardale Valley can also be explored (now submerged under Haweswater Reservoir). Fans of the cult classic 'Withnail & I' can visit the original filming locations from the movie in Bampton Valley, such as the famous red phonebox.


The Mardale Inn aims to be a family-friendly, inclusive local pub, delivering a vital service to its community and helping to avoid social isolation in the valley. The opening of the rooms will help the Eden Valley realise its tourism potential, celebrating the best that Cumbria has to offer, while supporting local incomes and employment.

Herdysleep is very proud to have played a part in bringing The Mardale Inn back to life.