They say a bad workman blames his tools, so it’s no surprise we’ve never heard our master craftsmen arguing with theirs. Our Herdysleep mattress makers have decades of experience and it’s down to their expert skills that our mattress is so snuggle-worthy. It’d be a shame not to introduce you to the legends themselves, so we’ve decided to tell you exactly who our craftsmen are and what it is they’re particularly skilled at.


James’ speciality sits within the building, clipping, and tufting steps of the mattress-making process, though he is currently expanding his skillset into tape edging too. James’ astute attention to detail plays in his favour when he’s attaching the Herdy pin badges to the mattress borders!

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James particularly enjoys seeing the mattress construction through from start to finish. He also quite likes being involved in new product development, looking at how to improve the overall process, and how we can work to refine the finished product.


Like James, Jimmy works on building, clipping, and tufting our Herdysleep mattresses. His biggest enjoyment comes from the fact that no two days are the same and he gets the opportunity to work on many different aspects of mattress assembly; there’s always scope for further learning!

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Wayne’s main responsibility is in the mattress building step, but he is also involved in packaging the mattress and weighing it, ready to go out to our customers.

Wayne loves nothing more than seeing his mattress come together and overseeing the process from start to finish as it gets packaged and sent on its journey… and positive feedback from satisfied customers makes it all worth it! He is also fairly new to the role so feels as though he’s growing with the brand.

FUN FACT: James, Jimmy, and Wayne make such a great team that this isn’t the first time they’ve been work colleagues! Funnily enough they worked together previously at a different company. That’s Yorkshire for you!


Harold has 36 years mattress-making experience, we’re sure that must be a record!

Harold is involved in all areas of making a Herdysleep mattress but is particularly skilled at tape edging. His favourite part of the role is being faced with new, challenging projects and coming up with solutions to tackle them; working out what is needed for bespoke mattress sizes, for example!

Baktaur & Matt

Baktaur supervises the Herdysleep mattress assembly team and has over 10 years experience within the bed and mattress industry.

Before this role, Baktaur was a supervisor within our spring department and takes pride in the fact he’s been involved right from the very beginning of Herdysleep, getting the product ready for launch and establishing what processes work best.

Matt is our esteemed Production Manager with almost a decade’s experience in the industry. As well as overseeing production of our mattresses, Matt plays a vital role in our fillings department, helping select the perfect blend of natural fillings which make up the Herdysleep formula.

Matt has managed the production of our Herdysleep mattresses since the beginning of the year and it is the element of nurturing success out of a new project that gives him the most enjoyment.

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That completes our whistle-stop tour behind-the-scenes of the Herdysleep assembly line and the team with the magic touch. Next time you lay back and rest your head after a long day, you might just spare a thought for the craftsmen of the mattress-making world!

If you have any questions or curiosities about our Herdysleep mattress, don’t hesitate to call or join the flock on the Herdysleep Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.