Perfect Plants For A Zen Like Bedroom

Create an oasis of calm and enjoy a great night’s sleep with our selection of mood-boosting bedroom plants.

House plants can do much more than add a touch of greenery to your home. They can help purify the air, calm the body and make you feel less stressed.

Consider making your sleeping sanctuary even dreamier with these air-purifying house plants.


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 Often overlooked as a house plant, lavender can flourish in the right conditions. It's no secret that the scent of lavender can help you drift off into a blissful night's sleep, but it also has air-purifying qualities as well as aromatherapy benefits. There have been studies that suggest lavender can reduce blood pressure and heart rate.


Care tips: Lavender loves lots of direct, bright sunlight. Try placing your pot on a windowsill to help your lavender thrive. Water occasionally when the soil is slightly dry. This particular plant is prone to rot when watered too often so make sure it has plenty of drainage. Don't be afraid to prune your lavender, as left to its own devices it can grow rapidly. The best time to give your plant a good trim is in the Spring.

English Ivy

 The perfect potted plant to add subtle green tones to your bedroom. English Ivy thrives in hanging baskets or teamed with other plants in a shared pot. It also has air-purifying qualities to help you relax and drift off into a deep sleep. English Ivy, because of its size and habit, is perfect for smaller bedrooms. 


Care tips: English ivy likes to be well drained and not sat in water. It’s best to give this plant a drink when the top of the soil is dry. English ivy is very easy to manage and perfect for those who aren't naturally green-fingered. Ensure it has access to natural light to keep its beautiful deep green leaves flourishing.

Herdy Planter Grey with Ivy

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Areca Palm

 This impressive tropical house plant has great benefits for those that suffer from skin irritations. Areca Palms can increase the moisture in the air, helping with skin dryness, sore throats and even tight joints. Breathing dry air whilst asleep can also make conditions such as asthma and bronchitis worse. Increasing humidity levels can be a great relief for sufferers. Areca Palms are also pet friendly. Be aware, some house plants can contain toxins that are harmful to our furry friends.

If you still need convincing that the areca palm could be the perfect house plant, it also absorbs and eliminates toxic air pollutants that can be found in household items such as paints and some wooden furniture.

Care tips: Areca palms love plenty of bright light (natural or artificial). During the warmer months, it will need constant light moisture, keeping a spray bottle close by is always a good idea. As long as your palm has plenty of light it is very low maintenance for a big impact. This gorgeous palm can reach up to 7 feet tall, so be sure to give it plenty of room. 

Peace Lily

A great introduction to house plants for novice growers. Peace Lilies are very easy to care for and are an eye-catching addition to any bedroom. They are a feng shui favourite as they create a sense of balance and tranquillity, the perfect mix to send you straight to sleep.


Care tips: Peace Lilies are tolerant to a wide range of lighting conditions, making them a very versatile plant. However, the more light they are exposed to, the more flowers they will produce. We suggest keeping the soil moist but not wet, plus an occasional misting will help bring out the beautiful deep hues of the leaves.

Herdy Planter with Peace Lilly and Hello Mug

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Dragon Tree (Dracaena marginata)

 There are several types of dracaena trees on the market, all of which have been proven to purify and clean the air. They are also great at filtering out toxins which makes them the perfect addition to any bedroom. Dragon trees are visually striking yet relatively inexpensive. They can also range in size from 1 - 6 feet tall.


Care tips: These trees are very robust and super easy to grow. They need moderate to bright light, and soil that’s kept lightly moist


 Often overlooked as a house plant, rosemary has a beautiful pine-rich scent that brings the perfect dose of relaxation to any bedroom. Research has suggested that the aroma produced by rosemary can have therapeutic benefits, it can help elevate your mood and clear the mind. Plus, it’s always on hand for your cooking!


Care tips: For growing rosemary successfully indoors, the plant requires strong natural light, so best keep it by a bright window. Allow the top soil to dry in between watering, and turn the pot every week so the plant grows more evenly.

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