On Monday 4th August, for the first time, we gathered the whole Herdy family together to meet and share thoughts, ideas and a nice afternoon tea at the beautiful Linthwaite House Hotel.  Being based across three different shops plus Herdy HQ in Kendal it’s incredibly rare that we all get to see each other so it was as much about getting to know each other as it was about serious business talk – it’s really important to us that we find ways to take someone working in an isolated shop and really make them feel like an integrated part of the business.

The sun was shining and the sky was blue (as it always is in the Lake District!) and we spent a bit of time updating everyone on what was going on and our exciting plans for the year ahead.  The “Herdy way” is that everyone has an input and we were able to gather everyone’s ideas and include them in our business planning process.   One of our shop team, Ian, was tasked with collating all of the information so that we can refer to it in the year ahead.

It was also a great chance to hear a few motivational words from Spencer about how he sees the company growing and evolving and he emphasised how important it was to him that everyone in the company felt able to contribute above and beyond what their job description might suggest.  Being a small business it’s not easy financially or logistically to get everyone together, but it’s a key part of how we manage and grow the business that everyone feels a part of the Herdy family.