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At Herdy, we’re passionate about supporting British manufacturing. We believe there are many good reasons to buy products that are made right here in the UK.

Buying British helps reduce your carbon footprint which is better for the environment. Our British-made products are made from materials sourced largely in the UK too, further reducing their environmental impact.

Buying products made in the UK means you are contributing to the success of British businesses and helping to keep traditional skillsets alive. Businesses are able to grow, create more jobs, and invest back into the company and the wider community. The more you buy British and support goods made here in the UK, the more you help local comm-ewe-nities and the British economy.


Chopping Boards: made by skilled craftsmen


To create our beautifully crafted and ewe-nique chopping boards, we’ve teamed up with the skilled craftsmen at Croglin. Based near Penrith in the Eden Valley the company is named after the village of Croglin where their founder grew up. Their love of wood and obsession with perfection is clear to see in every piece they produce.

Croglin celebrates the unique characteristics of each individually selected piece of wood they work with, resulting in beautifully crafted products. 


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Fine Bone China Mugs: handmade in the Staffordshire Potteries


All Herdy mugs are made from Devon clay and handmade to the highest standards in the world-famous Staffordshire Potteries, helping to support this heritage industry.

We’ve been making our lovable fine-bone  china mugs in England since we began, sixteen years ago. 

There’s something special about fine bone china. The process of digging clay out of the ground and transforming it into a long-lasting, functional, beautiful object is quite remarkable. Each Herdy mug is fired three times and undergoes no less than 11 processes before it’s ready for sale.

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Hug Rug: designed with the environment in mind


Manufactured in North Yorkshire using recycled materials, these adorable barrier mats are kind to the environment and baaa-rilliant at keeping your floors clean.

Phoenix Textiles (the makers of Hug Rug) have been making rugs and carpets in their Huddersfield Mill since 1954 so it’s fair to say they know a thing or two about floor coverings.

West Yorkshire has always been at the heart of the UK’s textile industry, the majority of Phoenix’s workforce comes from the local community, offering knowledge, experience and skills which have been passed down through the generations. 


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Recycled Wool & Cotton Throws: supporting heritage industry


Each Herdy throw is expertly made by a family-owned, traditional weaving mill dating back to the 1800s. But, that doesn’t mean they’re stuck in the past!

Herdy’s beautifully crafted throws are made using pre consumer waste recycled cotton and wool fibres, placing emphasis on  sustainability whilst not compromising on quality. Herdy is committed to creating long lasting, beautiful products that try to minimise impact on the environment.

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Shortbread: made in Scotland


 Dean’s still uses the same traditional shortbread recipe that was first baked to perfection in 1975, in a small family kitchen in the North East of Scotland. The much-loved, melt-in-the-mouth recipe is still at the heart of every batch of Deans’s shortbread, just on a slightly bigger scale!

The family run business is incredibly proud of their time-honoured handcrafted baking method and Herdy is very proud to be a part of the Dean’s family.

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Herdy Country: supporting over 150 years of textile production


Our Herdy Country range features bespoke fabric crafted from Herdwick wool, spun and woven entirely in the north of England. Skilled artisans within a 150-mile radius of the source materials meticulously handcraft our Herdy country bags and traditionally made hats. 

Excluding raw wool and dyeing, ten processes and two mills are involved in crafting our unique fabric. What sets the manufacturing journey apart is not only its timeless English style and use of genuine Herdwick wool but also the passion, dedication, and years of experience that our artisans infuse into every piece.

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Herdysleep Mattress: master craftmenship in the heart of Yorkshire


Herdysleep mattresses are handmade in Yorkshire by Harrison Spinks, expert mattress makers who combine traditional methods with innovative technology.

Dating back to 1840, Harrison Spinks is a fifth-generation family business that today employs over 600 people, from farmers who work on the Harrison Spinks' farm, to engineers developing leading edge technology, to craftspeople who still sew, side-stitch and tuft every mattresses by hand.

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Marra Chopping Board

GB Herdy Mug

Herdy Hug Rug 'Hello Ewe' Doormat

Herdy Hug Rug - Hello Ewe

Herdy 100% Recycled Cotton Throw - Grey

Flock Recycled Cotton Throw

Herdy Shortbread Cycler Tin

Herdy Shortbread - Cycler

Herdy Country Bag