Thank Ewe, Simon

Simon has been Herdy’s dedicated warehouseman since 2009.

Back then, our first stock of stationery, badges, and key rings fitted into a secondhand filing cabinet that we bought and gave to the warehouse! His last hour of each day, the “Herdy Hour”, was all the time needed to manage our customer orders.

Nowadays our product range takes up thousands of square feet and is a full-time operation.

As we’ve grown over the years Simon has been a continuous presence and very much the “invisible hand” of the Herdy customer service journey.

And now, finally, after 26 years in the industry and 12 years helping Herdy, Simon has hung up his boots and retired.

So we’d like to take this opportunity to say “THANK EWE” to Simon for all the years of hard work, dedication and care you’ve put in for us looking after our customers. May you never see another cardboard box, pallet, or container ever again! We wish Simon and his family all the best for the years to come.