Introducing: Herdysleep Mattress

Note: this post was published back in 2017 when we launched the original Herdysleep mattress. Since then the mattress has undergone several upgrades and improvements. Click/tap below to see the newest Herdysleep mattress.

HerdySleep Mark III, 2021

As you know, here at Herdy, everything we do is made to make ewe smile. With our latest project we’ve created something that will have you smiling from the moment you wake up in the morning to the minute you go to bed! We’ve created a unique product that’s good for you, good for UK manufacturing, and good for the Lake District’s upland fell farmers and their lovely flocks of Herdwick sheep. Introducing: the Herdysleep mattress.

Using Herdwick wool in the Herdysleep mattress

Using Herdwick wool in the Herdysleep mattress

What to do with Herdwick wool has for a long time been a bit of a conundrum. Not just for the farmers but for industry too. In reality, Herdwick wool is of low value because, compared to finer quality white wool, it has limited commercial applications. Traditionally used for carpet making, Herdwick wool is both resilient and hardwearing. However many traditional industries that once had a demand for the wool have been in decline for decades.

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Making the Herdysleep mattress sustainable, for farmers & rural economies

This got us thinking about a new commercial use for Herdwick wool. Months in the making, our latest project is about a shared economy that realises a higher value for the raw material in the first instance, so that it can feed back into our local rural economy; giving the farmer a better deal whilst creating a genuine wealth-share economy and a product for which there can be a long term sustainable demand.

The benefits of a good night’s sleep

No matter how fun and lovely our products are, they’re not going to make you smile if you haven’t had a good night’s sleep. The medical facts around the importance of getting a good night’s sleeps are well documented and this gave us the idea of using the natural properties of Herdwick wool to create a mattress that will have you bouncing around in the morning like a spring lamb!

Working with a North of England manufacturer who have been making the finest pocket sprung mattress’s since 1840, we’ve created the Herdysleep mattress. The combination of over 6,000 patented pocket springs, a handmade finish, and a whole Herdwick fleece in every king size bed, makes for a truly remarkable mattress.

From the fell to the factory, together, we have created a product that recognises traditional farming methods, champions artisan skills, and celebrates innovation and technology.

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