Herdy Jubilee Bunting

FREEBIE Queen bunting colouring in

DIY Jubilee Bunting

Free Printable Template to make at home.

Celebrate the Platinum Jubilee in style with herdy homemade bunting, featuring Her 'Herdy' Majesty and super cute corgis - You’ll love this step by step tutorial.

What Ewe will need:

  • Printable template - Download here
  • Pair of Scissors
  • Glue stick / Small wooden pegs
  • String
  • A4 colour printer


Making your own herdy Jubilee bunting is easy with this step by step tutorial. Start by downloading the template here.

Download and print out the template. Print onto good quality paper, the better the quality, the better the bunting!

Cut out your bunting shape along the black lines. You can achieve a cleaner line by using a craft knife, however, a pair of scissors will do just fine.

FREEBIE Queen bunting colouring in

Neatly fold along the top to create a flap at the back of your bunting. This will be used to secure it to the string.

4 You can secure the bunting to your string in 2 ways, firstly, use little wooden pegs, just like your hanging out the washing! This method makes it super easy to reposition your bunting. Secondly, you can apply a small amount of glue and secure the string underneath the paper flap.

Once you have attached all your paper buntings, your string is ready to hang! Perfect for street parties, in the garden, or decorating your front room.

Don’t forget to share your creations with us on Social Media - tag @HerdyUK so we can see all your amazing Jubilee bunting.