How To: Little Herdy Woolly Hat

These cute woolly hats are perfect for keeping Little Herdy warm and cosy during the chilly winter months. They are a great way of using up old scraps of yarn or you could find some bright Herdy colours!

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to create your very own tiny woolly hats.

What you need to make a Little Herdy woolly hat

  • Yarn
  • Toilet roll cardboard inner
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Stuffing (tissue paper)
  • Large needle
  • Thin white elastic

How to make a Little Herdy woolly hat

1. Take your cardboard toilet roll inner and mark out a line all around the tube that's 2cm from the end of the tube. You will get 5 hats from 1 toilet roll tube.

Hat 1
hat 2
  1. Cut with scissors to create a 2cm width ring.
  2. Cut lengths of yarn, around 30cm long. You will need approximately 30 lengths of yarn for one hat.
  3. Double these over as shown to form a loop and thread through the cardboard ring, ensuring the loop end is positioned as seen in the photos.
hat 3
hat 4
hat 5
  1. Thread the yarn through the loop as pictured and pull gently to tighten so the yarn is flat against the cardboard ring.
  2. Repeat this process until the whole cardboard ring is covered.
  3. With your thumb, push the ends of the yarn through the now covered cardboard ring so they pop out the other side (pictured).
hat 7
hat 8
  1. With a length of yarn, tie the yarn as illustrated to form the hat’s shape with a bobble.
  2. With scissors, trim the pop pom end to form a round shape.
  3. Use a small piece of stuffing to keep the hat shape in place. You could use a cotton wool ball or a piece of screwed-up tissue paper.
  4. (optional) With a large needle, thread some thin elastic through the cardboard ring and out the other side to form an elasticated strap. Tie a knot and trim off excess elastic. This will form a strap under Little Herdy’s chin to stop his hat from blowing away when out on the windy falls.

hat 9

And there you have it!

What colour will ewe choose? Perhaps you’ll do a multi-colour design? Show us your own Little Herdy Woolly Hats via our social media, we’d love to hear from ewe (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest)!

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