How to fold Herdy Leisurewear

Learn how to effectively fold our new Herdy Leisurewear range using our easy step-by-step instructions and handy video tutorials.

How to fold a Herdy T-shirt in under 5 seconds

This has to be the simplest and fastest way of folding a T-shirt, it's basically a magic trick!

  1. Smooth out the T-shirt on a flat surface. Now imagine there are 2 lines, one that goes across the centre of the shirt (horizontally), and one that goes vertically between the collar and the left sleeve.
  2. The top of the shirt (vertical line) will be point A, where the 2 lines cross will be point B, and the bottom of the vertical line will then be point C.
  3. To start the fold you will need to pinch point B with your left hand.
  4. Pinch point A with your other hand, then bring point A down to point C. You will now uncross your arms and lay the shirt face down on the table.
  5. Use the table to fold the shirt until you have an even amount of fabric on each side of the shirt. You may need to practice a few times until you're under 5 seconds!

How to fold a Herdy Hoodie!

Hoodies can be tricky to fold and can take up lots of room in your wardrobe. However, with this simple folding technique, you will be saving time and space!

  1. Firstly lay your Hoodie face down on a flat surface and smooth out any wrinkles.
  2. Fold both arms neatly on the back of the Hoodie, smoothing as you go.
  3. Create a long rectangular share with the body of the hoodie using a 'Gate" fold.
  4. You will now need to fold the body in half and then place the hood ontop of the body, this will create a square shape.
  5. The final stage is to open the hood and stretch over the folded body of the hoodie. The goal is to ensure that the entire body nestles in the hood. Pull on the drawstrings to secure your fold.

How to fold a Herdy Sweatshirt using the Konmari method.

Named after the Japanese tidying expert Marie Kondo, this method is super simple and can be applied to multiple items of clothing

  1. Lay your sweatshirt flat in front of you with the sleeves spread out.
  2. Fold over one side on the sweatshirt using the endge of the colar as a guide. Then lay the arm of the sweatshirt back over the folded section.
  3. Repeat on the oposite side until you have a thin rectangle shape.
  4. Start from the top and fold the sweatshirt into thirds until it can stand upright.

Let us know if these folding methods worked for you in the comments below.

Happy folding 🙂