Can you feel Jack Frost nipping at your nose? Are those… sleigh bells jingling in the distance? Get in the Christmas spirit by making some absolutely fab-ewe-lous Herdy Christmas Nail Art!

This tutorial utilises clear “water slide” decal paper; it's the decal paper that allows you to transfer the bewetiful Herdy nail art onto your lovely nails. To print the Herdy nail art designs you will also need an inkjet printer.

You can download the free Herdy Nail Art transfers here.

What ewe need to make Herdy Christmas nail art

  • Clear “water slide” decal paper (A4 size), available from most craft and art stores
  • An inkjet printer
  • Clear coat acrylic spray (any brand will do) from your local hardware store
  • White nail polish
  • Topcoat
  • Scissors
  • Cotton buds
  • A small dish with some water in it
  • Tweezers to help you hold the decal

How to make Herdy Christmas nail art

Step 1: Print the Herdy Freebie nail art designs onto the decal paper using an inkjet printer. Allow the print to dry thoroughly.

Step 2: Spray the printed decals with three coats of clear coat spray, allowing fifteen minutes between each coat. Then allow to dry for at least an hour, preferably 2–3 hours.

Step 3: Cut out your favourite Herdy decals as close to the character shape as possible or, if using the patterned nail decal, to the shape of your nail.

Step 4: Paint your nails with white nail polish.

Step 5: Place the cut out decals in water for around fifteen seconds, paper side down, then remove from the water and slide the transparent decal off the paper.

Step 6: Using tweezers, place the decal on your nail and adjust the positioning to fit. Gently dry off the excess moisture with a cotton bud.

Step 7: Once the decal is thoroughly dry, finish with a layer of top coat.

Step 8: Repeat for the rest of your nails! Nailed it.

Show the flock your fleek nails

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