Get crafty with Herdy this Christmas and create this adorable handmade Christmas tree decoration, inspired by our Classic mug design. He’s guaranteed to spread festive cheer.

Print out a copy of the template (click here to download) and follow the step by step instructions.

What you need

  • 1 x red felt square
  • 1 x white felt square
  • 1 x small piece of black felt or non-fray fabric
  • 2 black sequins
  • Small white bobble or bell
  • UHU glue
  • Red embroidery thread
  • Scissors
  • Fine red ribbon

How to make a Herdy Christmas tree decoration

1. Lay 2 pieces of white felt over each other and pin the paper template to them. Cut around the outer line of the template to create the head.

2. Repeat the process with two layers of red felt to create the hat.

3. You will now have four pieces of cut-out felt: 2 white, 2 red.

4. Cut out a 1cm strip of white felt to fit on the bottom edge of the hat. Glue into place.

5. Glue one of the red hats onto each head. The bottom of the hat should line through with the top of the ears.

6. Cut out polyester wadding or a thin foam shape along the inner line of the head template. This is to provide the padding for the head.

7. Sandwich the polyester wadding between both heads (it should be inset from the edge by approx 5mm).

8. Blanket stitch the edging all around with red embroidery thread.

9. Glue on two black sequins for the eyes and a bobble (or bell) for the hat.

10. Cut out the nose and mouth in black felt (using the template) and glue into place.

11. Stitch or glue a fine red ribbon loop on the back of the hat to hang your herdy tree decoration.

12. Pop on the tree, then sit back and enjoy!

Once your little fella’s sewn up and ready to go, don’t forget to share! Leave a comment below, or share your creation with us on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or email us.

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