Recently we published a highly popular tutorial on how to make Herdy “Muddy Boots” Gingerbread for Father’s Day. Now making delicious baked goods for dad is one thing, but they still need a Father’s Day card, right?

That’s where we’ve got ewe sorted, with a spot of Father’s Day card making! Here’s a simple and fun tutorial complete with template, inspired by our Herdy & Sheppy mug design, where you can learn how to make a Father’s Day “Proper Brew” homemade card for dad. What’s better than a truly personalised Father’s Day card?

What you will need to make a Herdy Fathers Day card

How to make a Herdy Fathers Day card

1. Fold your A4 card in half.

2. Print off the herdy cutting template, and cut out the shapes as illustrated.

3. Fold over the tabs on the blank piece you've just cut out.

4. Use glue or double-sided tape to secure the first tab to the A4 card as shown, creating the rectangular shape.

5. Secure the other tabs with glue or double-sided tape.

6. Stick the Herdy/Sheppy mug image onto the rectangular shape.

7. Using some tissue paper, tuck some inside the "mug" to support the tea bag in the mug.

8. Place the tea bag inside the mug shape.

9. Finish with a Fathers Day card message of your choice! We chose “Have a proper br-ewe this Fathers Day”.

Behold! Your personalised “Proper Brew” Father’s Day card is finished! Be sure to include an actual brew for Dad along with the card.

How did ewe get on? We’d love to see your personal creations! Share your photos with us on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or email us.