After the Mr. Fantastic success of our “Hunt The Herdy” event for Random Acts of Kindness Day 2019, we’ve been Thor-oughly amazed by all the requests from people to make more Super Herdys. So here’s our Gambit: ewe can now make your own for National Superhero Day (sorry about the Super Hero puns)! Download our free Super Herdy cutting template and transform your Marvel-lous (sorry) Little Herdy into a paragon of justice: Super Herdy!

What you need to make a Super Herdy outfit

  • Pink, orange, and yellow felt
  • Pink, orange, and yellow thread
  • Pins
  • Sewing needle
  • Scissors
  • Thin elastic.

Products used in this how-to

Get a Little Herdy!

How to make a Super Herdy outfit

1. Print and cut out your free Super Herdy cutting template.

2. Pin the body shapes to the pink felt as shown and cut two pieces.

3. Remove the paper template and pin the two pieces together, then hand- or machine-stitch together. Don’t forget to leave a gap in the middle for Super Herdy’s tail! (his powers will diminish if his tail can’t flap in the breeze…)

4. Pin the neck line as shown, stitch, then thread thin elastic through the neck line.

5. Turn it the right way out so the sewn seams are inside the body piece, then slot on over Little Herdy body and tie the elastic so it gathers the felt fabric as shown. Trim off any excess elastic.

6. Pin the cape shape onto the orange felt and cut out.

7. Pin the badge shape onto yellow felt and cut out as shown, then do the same with the letter ‘H’ in pink felt.

8. ‘Stay stitch’ the badge shapes as shown to secure in place. Then hand- or machine-stitch as shown.

9. Pin over the top of the cape neck as shown, hand- or machine-stitch, the thread some thin elastic through the sewn channel and tie in a knot, allowing sufficient elastic so it goes over Super Herdy’s head with ease. Trim any excess elastic then feed the knot into the sewn channel so it is hidden.

10. Slot over Super Herdy’s head.

11. Cut out the mask shape in pink felt.

12. Tie a double knot in the elastic and thread through the mask as shown on each side.

13. Pop on Super Herdy’s mask… and he’s ready for take off!

Let us know how ewe got on with making your own Super Herdy outfit! Did you choose different colours? Share your photos of Super Herdy with us on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or email us.

Warning: Please ensure that all pins are removed before giving your Super Herdy to a child. And please be aware that homemade outfits may not be suitable for children under the age of 3-years old. Thank ewe!