School’s out and the summer holidays are here! Going to the beach? Make a swimsuit to take your  "beach ready" Herdy with ewe.

Sheep are not known for their swimming abilities but follow this tutorial and your Little Herdy will be fully kitted out in a beach ready swimsuit, complete with swimming hat, costume, and rubber ring!

What you will need to make a swimsuit for Herdy

  • Pink, orange, green, blue, and purple felt
  • Pink, orange, green, blue, and purple thread
  • Sewing needles
  • Scissors
  • Thin elastic
  • Stuffing
  • Snap fasterners
  • Pins

Products used in this how-to

Get a Little Herdy!

How to make a swimsuit for Herdy

1. Print out the FREE Herdy Beach Buddy cutting template.
2. Cut out two of the swim suit body paper shapes and pin to the fabric as shown.

3. Cut out in felt as pictured.

4. Pin the two pieces together and sew around the outer edges. Remember to leave a gap for Little Herdy’s tail.

5. Pin the neck line of the swim suit and sew as shown.

6. Thread thin elastic through the neck line, and pull so the neck is gathered.

7. Turn the swim suit the right way round, and put onto Little Herdy.

8. Cut out the paper flower shapes from the template, place on felt and cut out in felt as shown. It may be easier to draw around them first if you are finding it tricky. Set the flowers to one side.

9. Cut out the paper bathing cap template as shown.

10. Pin then sew the middle seam line to create a curve in Little Herdy’s bathing cap.

11. Sew one half of the snap fastener onto the bathing cap.

12. Making sure you have the second snap fastener in the right place, sew the second part of the fasteners on.

13. Take your felt flowers and pin onto the bathing cap.

14. Sew the felt flowers onto the bathing cap with a simple cross-stitch in the centre of the flower.

15. Cut out two of the swim ring paper templates.

16. Pin the two pieces together.

17. Sew around the inner ring then the outer ring as shown; make sure you leave a gap so you can fill the ring with stuffing.

18. Stuff the ring with stuffing. If you use a pencil to poke the stuffing in it helps to get it all the way around.

19. Pin the gap, then sew closed as shown.

20. Clip on Little Herdy’s bathing cap, then fit his “swimming ring” around him, and you’re done!

Surf’s up! Ewe’ve just made Little Herdy a swim suit, ready to be your beach buddy this summer.

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