How To Make Herdy Decorative Rocks

Have ewe herd of the newest craze sweeping through the nation? People are finding decorative rocks, hidden out in the great outdoors, beautifully designed and decorated, often including inspirational/motivational messages and even challenges!

In keeping with the current craze of painted rocks, here’s a rock painting kit to help you create some lovely Herdy “avatar” pebble painting designs. Get crafty with the family this summer and paint your own Herdy Avatar pebbles in our unique herdy colours, guaranteed to make not only you smile but others who’ll find them!

Print out a copy of the free avatar characters template and follow these painting on stones step-by-step instructions.

What you need to make Herdy decorative rocks

  • Pencil;
  • Pink, blue, orange, purple, green, white, and grey paint;
  • paint brushes;
  • colouring pens;
  • thin black pen;
  • clear varnish.

How to make Herdy avatar painted rocks

1. Print off a copy of the “Herdy avatar” characters.

2. Paint your pebble one of the Herdy colours. We did one of each colour.

3. Allow the paint to dry, draw the Herdy head shape onto your pebble with a pencil, then paint the head shape with white paint and allow to dry.

4. Draw out the avatar detail onto the head shape.

5. Draw a thin black outline around the avatar details, and colour in the detail.

6. Write a message of your choosing. We went with “made to make you smile” but if you include “#herdy”, we can reshare the people who find the rocks and post photos of them online with the hashtag! Also feel free to make your own herdy designs.

7. Allow the pen to dry and then give a thin coat of clear varnish to weather proof the pebble.

8. Send us a photo of your pebble and decide where you fancy hiding it.

Why not try and create your own herdy avatar characters? Get in touch to show us! Keep an eye on our social media, too (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.) Someone may let us know they’ve found a herdy pebble.