Inspiring ideas for your herdy shortbread tin!

Unsure of what to do after you’ve eaten all your buttery shortbread? Our reusable, sustainable tins have lots of different uses. Great for organising all your nicknacks.


Here are some of our top ideas!

Calling all Crafters


Let herdy help keep all your crafting supplies neatly organised. Our large shortbread tins are perfect for keeping all kinds of crafting supplies inside, from ribbons, stickers, tape and even googly eyes. The tins are perfect for at home crafters or for those on the go.

Herdy Shortbread green hiker tin: used for keeping craft supplies
Herdy Shortbread small green tin: used for keeping fishing supplies

Tackle Tin


Being well organised on the river bank will certainly help you to catch more fish. Our smaller tins are perfect for storing lures, sinkers or even bait. Let herdy keep you company as you cast off, sit back, relax and wait for a bite!

A herdy tin would also be perfect for packing your sandwiches.

Dog Biscuits


As all paw-rents will know, it's essential to never be without some tasty treats for your four-legged friends! Our handy little tins are great for keeping yummy treats inside, whether you're off on an adventure, or keeping them away from prying eyes at home. Herdy will help keep them safe.

Small enough to keep in the fridge or stack on the kitchen shelves.

Herdy Shortbread small blue tin: used for keeping dog biscuits
Herdy Shortbread pink tin: Tin used for keeping colouring crayons

Colouring Kit


Perfect for kids on the go! Keep your little munchkins occupied with a colouring-in kit in a herdy tin. Pack it full to the brim with colourful crayons, pens, pencils or anything you fancy (even glitter if your feeling brave). How many crayons can ewe fit in a herdy tin?


We squeezed in 164!

Stationery Box 


For budding writers, homeworkers and list makers. Fill your tin with the essentials for note-taking, these tins will look great in your workspace, or perfect to pop in your bag on the way to a meeting.

We filled ours with herdy stationery, of course!

Herdy Shortbread grey camper van tin: Tin used for keeping stationary
Herdy Shortbread pink baker tin: used as a tin for sewing supplies

Sewing Kit


Ideal for sewing on the go and the perfect travelling companion. Pack your sewing kit with everything you'll ever need to make basic sewing alterations or a new couture masterpiece!


We also suggest a small shortbread tin would be perfect for keeping all those loose buttons.

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