Following on from our last Herdy Decorative Rocks How-to, we have created a spooky halloween painted rocks tutorial to keep you and the la’al ’uns busy over the half term holiday!

Choose from a Ghost, Witch, Pumpkin, Dracula, Frankenstien, or Little Devil… WoooOOOOOoooOOoooOOOoo!

Print out a copy of the free avatar characters template and follow these painting on stones step-by-step instructions.

What you need to make Herdy Halloween painted rocks

  • Scissors;
  • pencil;
  • white, orange, purple, green, white, red, and pink paint (we suggest acrylic paint or vinyl matt tester pots from your local DIY store, as kids paints can blur when applying a top coat of varnish);
  • paint brushes;
  • colouring pens;
  • thin black pen;
  • clear varnish.

How to make Herdy Halloween decorative rocks

1. Paint your pebbles. We chose three of our Herdy “Halloweeny” colours - green, orange and purple. Allow to dry.

2. Print off a copy of the “Herdy Avatar” characters, and cut out a spooky character.

3. Draw the Herdy character shape onto your pebble with a pencil, then paint the shape with the relevant colour paint - allowing to dry between colours so they don’t run.

4. When all the paint is dry, draw in the lines and detail with a fine black pen, then give a thin coat of clear varnish to weather proof the pebble once the pen and paint is dry.

5. Write a message of your choosing. If you include “#herdy”, we can reshare the people who find the rocks and post photos of them online with the hashtag! Also feel free to make your own Herdy designs.

6. Send us a photo of your pebble and decide where you fancy hiding it.

How did ewe get on?

Why not try and create your own Herdy Avatar characters? Get in touch to show us! Keep an eye on our social media, too (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.) Someone may let us know they’ve found a Herdy pebble.