Herdy Donates £750 & Little Herdy Mascot To “Cumbria to K2” Expedition

Herdy has donated £750 and a Little Herdy mascot in support of the “Cumbria to K2” Expedition

Two builders from Cumbria, Pete Brittleton and Paul Etheridge, will be attempting to climb the world’s most dangerous mountain, K2, as well as neighbouring eight thousander Broad Peak, with no oxygen and no Sherpa support.

It marks the first British expedition to K2 in over 20 years.

Herdy offered sponsorship and gifts to the team after meeting earlier in the year.

At a height of 8,610 m (28,250 ft) above sea level, K2 is over 8x higher than England’s highest mountain, Scafell Pike.

Herdy donates £750 and Little Herdy mascot to Cumbria K2 expedition

Before the climb, Pete and Paul will be volunteering in the local communities of Pakistan, assisting them with creating a sustainable and effective income for future generations.

The builders aim to help educate the local people on climbing at altitude, teach climbing skills, and provide mountaineering, navigation, and first aid training. Their goal is to qualify participants in becoming high altitude porters, providing them with a future career and skills for generations to come.

Diane Hannah, Herdy co-founder, said: “Herdy loves to ‘Roam Free’ so when we heard about Paul and Pete’s extraordinary expedition to climb Broadpeak and K2 we were keen to support them.

“The fact that they’re integrating a project to benefit local communities fits perfectly with the ethos of Herdy. We’ve sent a Little Herdy with them to bring them luck on their journey. We wish them well in their challenge but most of all, look forward to welcoming them back safely.”

You can follow along with the expedition's progress at their website, as well as their Instagram.