How To: Pom Pom Christmas Wreath

Following on from our last How To tutorials—Herdy Halloween painted rocks and Herdy Halloween pumpkins—we are getting ready for Christmas and have created a woolly pom pom Christmas wreath using our gorgeous herdy wool. Now you can make something colourfully festive if you’re looking for Christmas wreath ideas!

Our wool comes in seven fab colours; we chose five to make a brightly coloured Xmas wreath.

What you need to make a Herdy woolly pom pom Christmas wreath

  • Colourful yarn;
  • pom pom makers;
  • scissors;
  • willow wreath as a base, readily available online and from craft/florist suppliers;
  • glue;
  • green felt;
  • green embroidery thread and little red pom poms to decorate;
  • Embroidery needle;
  • Ribbon to hang wreath.

How to make a Herdy woolly pom pom Christmas wreath.

1. Choose your yarn and select which size pom poms you would like to create. We chose two different sizes to give the Christmas wreath some depth.

2. Following the pom pom making instructions, make several of each colour. We made six of each colour amounting to 35 pom poms for a big Xmas wreath. When finishing each one off, leave a length of wool so you can tie the pom poms onto the willow wreath base.

3. Begin to tie each pom pom onto the willow base, alternating the colours and sizes to create a visual impact.

4. When you have tied all the pom poms on with a knot we suggest using a dab of glue, as the knots can undo themselves over time. Glueing them keeps them secure.

5. Trim off the excess wool used to tie the pom poms on.

6. Using the holly leaf cutting template, cut out three holly sprigs.

7. Using the green embroidery thread and a needle, sew the leaf detail.

8. Use some of the embroidery thread to tie the holly sprigs onto the willow base as you did with the woolly pom poms.

9. Use little dabs of glue to fix three little red pom poms onto the holly sprigs.

10. On the back of the wreath, attach a length of ribbon to create a large loop for you to hang it with.

And that’s it!

Be sure to share your Christmas Woolly Pom Pom Wreath creation with us on our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest). We’d love to see them!