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herdy heads SOUTH TO THE ANTARCTIC - starring 'Ramulph' Fiennes

Intrepid explorer, Ramulph Fiennes is en route to the South Pole. Some doubters believe that this is just an attempt at sheep thrills. But Ramulph responds, "This is an exercise in SHEAR determination and I say BAA humbug to those that think we won't succeed. I am determined to BLEAT the competition. I MUTTON let anything get in my way as I trek across the frozen waste and conquer the Antarctic."

Herdy are proud sponsors of the Coldest Journey expedition, which aims to cross the Antarctic in winter. Read more on our blog.

episode 2: Herdy Heads for the Hills - Bradford Animation Festival 2012 award winner!

the herdies have escaped! Follow the cute loveable sheep as they adventure through England's Lake District, find a magic box and hitch a daring ride.

the herdy films are proving to be a hit with herdy lovers around the world. they were made by David Browne who lives locally in Ambleside. David loves sunny days, climbing mountains and drinking tea (out of his herdy mug of course). He also creates some excellent visual things. here's his website: www.dpbimages.co.uk

episode 1: herdy's great escape!

could it be the start of a big adventure…?

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